about me

As a sociocultural anthropologist and political ecologist, I am broadly interested in how “global” projects shape and are in turn shaped by “local” lives and practices.  Of particular concern to me is the question of how different cosmologies, world-making practices, and visions of justice encounter and transform one another in the context of environmental politics.  What happens, for example, when conservation projects bring contrasting conceptions of personhood into contention and with what consequences for local people and their environments?  And what does “justice” mean among members of structurally marginalized communities and how do their visions compare with those of transnational activists?  As I engage with these and other questions, I strive to conduct research that is relevant to the communities who host me; that involves collaboration with a diverse range of scholars, practitioners, and activists; and that links up with broader efforts on behalf of social, environmental, and ecological justice.  So far my research engagements have focused on the Philippines and, in particular, on Palawan Island, where I have conducted more than two years of ethnographic research over the past decade.  At CMU, I am excited to offer courses and mentor student research on Global Political Ecology, Environmental Justice, Southeast Asia, Indigenous Rights, Social Movements, and related topics.


This website is under construction.  More information is coming soon.